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  1. Bambo Jackson says:

    Noz is back! And this time in Pog form!

  2. bc says:

    great list as always. happy to see that you picked ‘day ones’ over ‘we want some pussy’

    curious about the absence of meek mill…thought dc4 was weak outside of ‘blessed up’ and ‘blue notes’ but ‘ricky’ and ‘gave em hope’ from the 4/4 tapes are some of his best material imo

  3. Joe843 says:

    Great list. I have a feeling that you were waiting to see if Starlito was gonna release something on his birthday the past couple years to publish this list. Lol. Love your rmba show keep up the good work.

  4. Dan says:

    No Isaiah Rashad? I don’t understand…

    “et tu andrew”

  5. Joe843 says:

    Surprised not to see 40 water on here.

  6. Joe843 says:

    *like the past couple years

  7. Inavata says:

    This is a really good list, man

  8. Accurate says:

    “5. Chance The Rapper f/ Kanye West – “Ultralight Beam” lol yuuuuuppppp

  9. Lex says:

    Is this the first year you’ve been 100% DRAK free since DRAK came to be?

  10. noz says:

    “curious about the absence of meek mill…”

    “war pain” was on the short list but i dunno meek’s whole trajectory over the past two years has been depressing and downright contradictory to the motivational nature of his music. if he were improving on the music side it’d be one thing but he’s not, he’s jut treading water. i’m still waiting for him to make another song that’s even half as good as the d&n intro.

    “Surprised not to see 40 water on here.”

    i haven’t yet found the seven hours necessary to parse his recent albums.

  11. cocaine stunts says:

    happy to see this happened was worried it wouldn’t
    appreciate the writing u still do hope the shop is a success

    whenever someone makes the inevitable zip for these i will also be v grateful

  12. Ezra says:

    I love these lists every year, thanks for putting in the effort Noz! Good to see ’38 Baby’ and ‘Cross Me’ here, both got a lot of play from me. The most underappreciated rap song this year was, in my opinion, ‘Cop Me a Foreign’ by Gunna ft Young Thug (really more like Thug ft. GUnna).

    Anyway, I compiled and uploaded the list, here are the links:

    www77 dot zippyshare dot com slash v slash ETsChuFC slash file dot html
    www77 dot zippyshare dot com slash v slash 23TFYrZq slash file dot html
    www77 dot zippyshare dot com slash v slash v8HqcmK8 slash file dot html

  13. m3 says:

    Do you think Ka is in a similar water treading situation as Meek? Or did nothing on HKTS really stand out to you as above and beyond his previous work? Other reason? curious about your thoughts.

    good looks on the tunes tho

  14. noz says:

    there were a lot of rap songs this year maybe more than ever before and that’s usually the reason for certain artists or titles being omitted

  15. noz says:

    the ‘short’ list was about 200 songs deep

  16. hotbox says:

    ^^thanks for the zips. And thanks to Noz for doing this again

    gonna give some time this weekend to the unfamiliar joints. I’ll even give Kanye & cudi a chance!

  17. future says:

    Hey Noz. Thanks for putting your list together. It is always nice to see like-minded individuals interested in rap on your lists here.

    Seeing your number 1…I love a lot of Kanye’s TLOP but I am repulsed by him meeting with Trump. How do you and others feel about people who make art you like but say or act in a way against your politics?

    Also no First Day Out The Feds?

    Side note I liked DC4 but guess I am in the minority here.

  18. nozstan says:

    thought we werent gonna see this after cb went down. bless u andrew

  19. noz says:

    as great of a human as he has become i was bored by most of gucci’s ouput this year. too tight, too careful, too self aware, absent of the sloppy charm of his classic material. in fact even though he appears here three times two of those are simply circumstantial cases of him not getting in the way on otherwise great songs. i do think he shined on the common remix though mostly because it forced him into his old looseness by way of putting him where he’s least comfortable – on top of a breakbeat. maybe the key to bringing the old gucci out musically is to lock him in the studio with madlib. wait forgive me for manifesting that thought i already regret it.

  20. noz says:

    ” How do you and others feel about people who make art you like but say or act in a way against your politics?”

    as long as the songs are good it makes no difference to me. why should i deny myself joy just because the famous person who produces it turns out to be awful? if anything he should be punished, not me. and it’s not like staging an economic protest against kanye fucking west is going to hurt his bottom line at this point. besides i already steal all his music anyway. i still eat at chick fil a too.

  21. SE says:

    Did not expect to see Ye in your top 10 even once

  22. Yung Adult says:

    You listened to Jimmy Wopo? Figured he would be up your alley.

  23. Fred says:

    Man, you don’t know how much this here makes me happy. Welcome back to the internet. Your websites are valued, believe it or not.

  24. noz says:

    i like jimmy wopo

  25. GB says:

    I thought the Tee Grizzley “First Day Out” was definitely going to be on here, but great list. Also why Air Holez over some of the other great Westside & Conway songs this year (Birdy, The Cow, Dunks etc)?

  26. Brad C says:

    Like everyone I’m glad that the list came out this year.

    To 2nd what Ezra, “Cop Me a Foreign” was beautiful.

    Did anyone listen to Boogie’s mixtape? There’s a song that features both DJ Quik and Mozzy. How do you people even keep up with rap these days when random mixtapes have features from legends and contemporary hot legends?

    Noz, how do you feel about Young Thug’s “mixtapes” this year? I feel really sad when I see people big up Slime Season 3 over I’m Up. Jeffery was beautiful top to bottom to me.

  27. Shadowy Enemy says:

    Interesting year. Couldn’t get into “Pablo” etc. at all (utter mess) or “Coloring Book” (just not for me) but did think “Ultralight Beam” was the best thing either Chance or Ye put out this year.

    Thought “Savage Mode” was boring at first, but no other rap album this year hooked in for me as hard as that one did. A masterpiece of tone – Savage’s delivery really creeps up on you.

    Loved the Gates album, glad “2 Phones” got No. 2.

    I was wondering if “Panda” or “Broccoli” would edge in at 50. I’m not as won over by Yachty as a lot of other people but I am glad someone so openly and respectfully #based is going places.

    Loved “Atrocity Exhibition,” though I couldn’t really pick an individual song from it as a highlight.

    Kind of surprised “Harambe” wasn’t the Thug choice but I know there were dozens from Thugga to choose from.

    I really, really wish Future would start trying again. “Purple Reign,” the song, has one of those choruses from him that absolutely destroys me, but the sheer lack of commitment that characterizes his output this year stings.

    Glad YG got on. My pick would have been “Police Get Away Wit Murder,” but that’s nitpicking.

  28. noz says:

    darrin did you really just post that on my blog my new blog

  29. jimmy says:

    i was worried this wouldn’t come out this year cause cb is down or whatever, but I’m glad you made this list. always some favorites as well as new stuff i missed throughout the year. i would’ve liked to see something from big bossing vol. 1 on there but i appreciate the list nonetheless

  30. Shadowy Enemy says:

    Also the Boosie tapes this year were underrated.

  31. thank you for putting “going duffy” on here…thought everyone missed that

  32. Kyle says:

    Has the Awful Records camp as a whole been growing on you? Father took a while to grow on me but I’ve come to appreciate his nonchalant vocals.

    Know you’ve got a short list too but was wondering, any love for any of Band Gang’s output, specifically Lonnie Bands?
    The Detroit scene has really started to grow on me as well, and thanks for putting me on to “Die Like a Boss.”


  33. COLCOL says:

    Hated Travis Scott before, but finding out the backstory of how he obtained “pick up the phone” – the only song i have ever liked from him, mainly bc of quavo and thugger – has compounded my hate for him even more, as a rapper and a tourist of actually great music.

  34. ds says:

    surprised at the lack of lil durk, i thought 2x was great. as always thanks for the list and for doing all the raps. best part of my fridays now tbh.

  35. yung stino says:


  36. Nortey says:

    This…..is gud. Jidenna and Kendrick and Noname and Chance and Kevin and YG and Aesop and Innanet and Young M. A. and Remy Ma and Amine and Smino and Andre of OutKast and DJ Quik and Problem and Dej Loaf and Tree and Danny Brown and even Lil Yachty. This has been at least a decent year. Oh, and gud n u for not including anything from that atrocious Vince Staples album.


    also, elujay,, legendvry, mick, saba, michael christmas, asap ferg, moninayo, no panty, skyzoo % apollo brown, kemba AND lando chill dropped sone awesome songs so here are them.

    Elujay, “We Don’t Mind (ft. Samaria & Caleborate)
    Lando Chill, “Gospel of The Chill”
    Mick Jenkins, “Spread Love”

    n thats it. got a paper i gotta finish. gud luck.

  37. Sylford says:

    Since the songs rate so high (rightly), I think it’s worth sharing that DJ Dodger Stadium are primarily responsible for production on both these Kanye songs. Credits are misleading. They used Metro’s drop but from what I know he only contributed hi hats to “Father.”

  38. Princp says:

    needs more lil peep. greatest rapper to ever live, wow, yess. for real vote for peep. yeah bro, okay, yah, alright. this works.

  39. Princp says:

    also actually fuck lil peep im being dumb, but if you like j cole go eat a bag of garbage

  40. Thanks Noz! For this and the shop that i’ll one day visit but got to order some nice stuff from. (packaged with some care too!). Thanks also for the rbma show that keeps me sane on a friday and the respect for yourself and your work and the people who make art. I know it’s cheesy but fuck.

  41. fuck the madlib/gucci thing tho, that hurts my head.
    A few more women on this list than usual (I think), sign that somethings changing maybe? I feel slowly things are heading back to rare rather than endangered in terms of (good)lady rappers. Its hard to tell tho, if you have the talent you probably have the vocal skill to head toward R&B and make more money. But then most of the best have come up as part of a crew…I dunno just an idle thought.

  42. Sliiiiiiiiiime says:

    curious if you have a preference in which “version” of “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” you prefer / how you feel in regards to Kanye going in and changing the album several times after it had already come out??

    also curious about the inclusion of “no heart” vs “x bitch” ?
    in my experience “x bitch” is definitely the runaway hit off savage mode/ the one i hear the most at parties / people know the words to

    in regards to feeling sort of bored by most of gucci’s new output, i feel like it maybe took boosie a little while to find his footing post jail, maybe the same will be true of guch? have not heard the whole album yet but the intro to East Atlanta Santa 2 went off imo

    p.s. what gucci mane project is your favorite to listen to on CD? state vs radric davis has yet 2 be topped as far as i can tell

  43. Sliiiiiiiiiime says:

    p.p.s. THANK YOU FOR INCLUDING THE OG VERSION OF PICK UP THE PHONE STARRAH RULEZ and was pretty scrubbed from the internet for a minute there

  44. ~starrah truther~ says:

    thank you, a bright moment in a rough winter.

  45. rhek says:



  46. Jane says:

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  47. Corin says:

    Cool to Aesop Rock on the list, though surprised by the specific song choice. Any reason Dorks especially stood out from The Impossible Kid for you? He went off rap wise ofc but I found it one of the clunkier beats on the whole project.

  48. GGG says:

    Noz, so happy you came back with another one of these lists, I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. Glad you gave YG, Boosie, and Kevin Gates their dues, Boosie especially has been super underrated this year. The main omission here for me is the lack of Z-Ro, I think he quietly managed to have a pretty good year. Thoughts?

  49. RHEK says:


  50. DZ says:

    Christmas came early, miss you on the innanets G.

  51. ThuggerYSL says:

    Cool list, would probably have put Drippin at #1 and Lockjaw in the top 5 though.

    Not a fan of anything Denzel Curry’s done this year?

  52. jay says:

    Great list. Nice to see Kevin Gates up there. It’s a shame absolutely nobody at the media talks about him. Is it because Islah doesn’t have features? Does he need a to have Drake jump on a remix? Well, sales say he doesn’t but still…

    The only artist I like and are missing from the list are Isaiah Rashad and Schoolboy Q.

  53. Marv says:

    I didn’t make time to sift through all the music mozzy dropped this year, can someone post best mozzy songs list of 2016 list or best of the bay list. Mozzy’s messy murder scenes is tight, thanks Noz for putting me up on that. I’m working through the list, peeping songs I haven’t heard and those I listened to earlier this year that didn’t leave a strong impression, great selection.

  54. chris cool says:

    fuck i hate when i get here late. this list the most surprising one I’ve seen you do yet. a lot of people i thought would be here ain’t: dolph, peewee, e-40,nef, fik, etc. a bunch of yearly staples are missing this year e.

  55. Stunt says:

    Great list as always, and shouts to Ezra for the archives.

    Was a little surprised not to see any 2 Chainz on here, but all such quibbles are minor. Looking forward to getting put onto whatever wasn’t previously on my radar.

  56. Glo says:

    Lil Yase x Yatta – ‘Foolin’ is produced by YounginOnDaBeat

  57. Phil says:

    Thanks, Noz for another great list! And thanks to those who posted the tunes, too (Rhek and Ezra).

  58. Jack Ellis says:

    Noz, what do you think of playboi carti?

  59. whocares says:

    meek’s freestyle on flex was the best meek thing this year IMO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5c-yv_FGd0

    Litty was great until I listened to it 20 times in a row and got sick of it.

    I think Gucci’s been rapping incredibly since he sobered up. Sounds revitalised to me.

    Overall a horrible year for society and a mediocre year for rap.

  60. hotbox says:

    Air Holez is insane I should probably stop ignoring these dudes

  61. antorsomething says:

    It’s nice to see one of these lists again.
    The stuff I ain’t heard yet will be the most fun to sift through.

  62. KidHum says:

    Noz, my favorite song of the year was “I Do This” by Nipsey Hussle, ft. Mozzy and Young Thug. I just thought you should know that.

    Nipsey had a good year.

  63. Amar says:

    I always look forward to this list. Thanks for taking the time to do it! Had to click around a bunch to find it this year. What happened w/ cocaine blunts? I got a google alert saying the page was unsafe

  64. hotbox says:

    you need to bring back the math equation bot filter

  65. Tupring says:

    Wow, RIP Cocaine Blunts!

  66. dogcamel says:

    assuming its a typo, but…is there a version of Lockjaw with Gucci on it???

  67. deeringcenter says:

    I’m surprised “Wait a Minute” by Phresher isn’t on here. Noz, thoughts?>

  68. matt says:

    no g herbo #doyounotlikerap?

  69. TVDP says:

    the father is song is v good but also produced by a hentai rap producer

    are u into hentai rap now, noz?

  70. TVDP says:

    Also, I’m a bit surprised that There He Go wasn’t the chosen Kodak Black track.

    This list has shown me NBA Young Boy, I’ve listened nonstop even though I don’t even know if I like his music

  71. noz says:

    i am into hentai rap now, tvdp.

  72. noz says:

    phresher is like an unholy combination of desiigner and ot genasis, i cannot deal

  73. Bambo Jackson says:

    Noz, what was it like meeting Young Thug while doing the Gucci Fade piece? As someone who’s had a connection to him, what was going through your mind? And how was he as an interview subject?

  74. JwiththeK says:

    Thank God for this

  75. doctorelectron says:

    Thanks again for this list and continuing to be relevant year after year. Excellent meeting you at your shop this year. Dug the Starlito album you recommended.

  76. Nordy says:

    Thank you! There’s a bunch of us out here that would love to hear your music recommendations on a more regular basis.

  77. ketan says:

    Oh shit, I just realized that Noz put out a list for 2016!

    Hope you’re well, Noz. What do you think of the Mozzy album? (Do you still do that thing on that website where you ask a person questions??)